We’re living in a constantly changing world, where phenomena such as climate change, demographics, rising inequalities and technological advances are all having a pronounced effect on our lifestyles.

Faced with these challenges, it is down to us to ensure responsible and sustainable economic development, not only for future generations but also for today’s world.

As a financial institution, Candriam is aware of the need to lead by example. We should never stop assessing our actions and activities, or considering not only their economic impact in the wide sense of the term, but their environmental and social impact, too. Candriam’s values – Conviction and Responsibility – are embedded in our name and determine our actions towards all our stakeholders. Our commitment is ongoing, comprising a series of practical initiatives described in our annual CSR report.

Investing responsibly and sustainably is the best way of managing the risks and opportunities linked to sustainable development, of influencing corporate behaviour and, indeed, of helping companies in their efforts to do so. This has been Candriam’s underlying philosophy for more than 20 years now and forms the core part of our corporate strategy. Candriam launched its first SRI fund in 1996, since when SRI has remained at the heart of our investment processes. It’s an initiative that really has paid off, with, currently, investments equalling 25% of Candriam’s total AuM. They also account for 32.6% of the funds distributed in France under the auspices of the Candriam France management company.

We can offer our clients a broad, comprehensive range of SRI funds and solutions covering the asset classes (equities, bonds, asset allocation, money market, structured products, micro-credit), issuer types (businesses, governments, supranational agencies and organs) and geographical zones (Europe, North America, Pacific, Emerging and global markets) that best meet our clients’ investment objectives and convictions. Our ESG and sustainable development analysts, as well as our dedicated management teams (Teams and Resources) devote their expertise and experience to identifying and implementing the best practices in ESG and to developing robust and successful SRI investment processes. As signatory to and founding member of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, we continue to promote SRI, having integrated ESG factors into all our traditional management processes since 2010. Our promotional activities include dialogue activities with companies and an active voting policy exercised on our clients’ behalf.

Please visit our website dedicated to article 173 of the Energy Transition law to see our ESG investment and energy transition approaches and solutions. You will also see how our unique Best-in-class approach has taken climate change into account since 2008 and how this has helped us reduce the carbon footprint of our strategies by more than 40% on average; you’ll also find, in particular, information on, and the result of our research into, the low-carbon solutions we have developed in recent years.