It's time for climate action!

Green-up your equity portfolio

Investing responsibly in companies providing solutions to combat climate change 

Studies have demonstrated the huge impact of climate change on the world’s ecosystems, economies and broader societies, as well as on all human activities. The effects of global warming have now become a reality. In 2018, an estimated 62 million people were victims of extreme weather phenomena. Hurricanes Florence and Michael alone caused damage valued at $49 billion, according to the World meteorological organization, while 7 million people die every year from air pollution according to the World Health Organisation. These are just a few examples among dozens.

As responsible investors, we have a key role in financing the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in environmental, social and governance analysis (ESG) and our expertise in thematic asset management, Candriam is launching a new ESG Climate Action sub-fund within the Candriam SRI Luxembourg SICAV, investing in innovative companies which offer tangible solutions to combat climate change.

Why invest in the ESG Climate Action sub-fund of the Candriam SRI Luxembourg SICAV fund?

  • Investment  opportunities

Renewable energies, smart meter networks, insulating materials, electric vehicles, recycling, smart buildings, etc. Solutions mitigating the causes of climate change and adapting to its consequences are developing around the world and across all types of industry.

  • Long term upside potential 

Companies meeting environmental challenges by providing tangible solutions to climate change will see their businesses grow over the long term. Our strategy involves picking the companies that will be tomorrow’s winners as they can capitalise on the challenge of climate change through their products, services and technologies.

  • It is urgent to act now

The climate emergency is already here. The temperature of the planet is now 0.9°C higher than during the preindustrial era, whereas the 2015 Paris climate agreement targets maintaining warming at below the 2°C threshold by 2100.

  • Get involved by becoming part of the solution: 

Through your investment, you can participate in financing solutions which reduce CO2 emissions and adapt to climate change. 

Main risks 

For a full understanding of the fund’s risk profile, we advise investors to carefully read the prospectus and the description of the fund’s underlying risks, including the following risks associated with:

  • capital loss,
  • equity investments,
  • foreign exchange,
  • emerging markets,
  • liquidity,
  • concentration,
  • derivative products,
  • Chinese A shares,
  • external factors,
  • counterparty and share class hedging.

Investments may lose value due notably to the fund’s exposure to the main risks referred to in the fund prospectus and key investor information document.

The fund’s net book value will be published on the Candriam website.


The Candriam difference 

  • Unique strategy

Our environmental strategy does not just exclude companies emitting high levels of CO2. We invest ONLY in companies with core businesses which make a positive impact in the fight against global warming TANGIBLY and directly.

  • Integrated fundamental financial and ESG analysis  

Our strict investment process selects quality companies providing tangible solutions to combat climate change, and promotes best ESG practices at the operational and managerial levels with regard to investors, employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.

  • Multi-disciplined expertise

A committee of four members dedicated to managing the fund draws on the complementary skills of our seven financial analysts and our team of 35 ESG experts.