Responsibility towards the environment and society

Respect for the environment, promoting sustainable development and acting as a good corporate citizen run through our teams’ actions on a daily basis.

Putting sustainable development and the environment at the heart of our business

At Candriam, we put sustainable development and the environment at the core of our organisation by integrating these considerations in the decision-making process of our business lines. Responsibility isn’t just a part of our company name: it runs through everything that we do and believe in.

Protecting our environment

We have adopted a number of measures that reflect our commitment to safeguard the environment.

  • We encourage our employees to use public transport by subsidising their costs if they use these networks to travel to work.
  • We have reduced the carbon emissions of Candriam’s vehicle fleet by around 20% since 2011.
  • We are currently looking into a number of ways to reduce our carbon footprint even more.
  • We adopt a sustainable approach to how we manage our premises, and apply strict environmental criteria throughout the selection process when we are considering new offices to move to.

Helping those who help: 15 years of supporting charities

We have a long history of working with good causes and helping local communities. Through our "Helping those who help" initiative, which we launched 15 years ago, Candriam has supported a variety of charities. Our staff are proud sponsors of and participants in these initiatives, and play an active role in selecting worthy charities every year.

For example, since 2001 we have replaced our traditional year-end gifts to our clients with donations to charities that provide support to those in need. Our investors appreciate the fact that our gift budget is being used to help their preferred cause from those selected by our staff.